Wash and care steps for your worthy silk

Some factual tips needed to be actively followed to maintain the quality of silks as well as making them last forever.

  1. After successful purchase remove the Shari from its dedicated box. Don’t leave the shari in box or polythene for more than 3 days.
  2. Unfold your silk Shari’s and it’s better to change the folding regularly in every 3 months.
  3. We always advise to stitch the Shari fall for jacquard and tissue Shari’s.
Washing Directions
  1. Silk is a delicate material made up of natural fibres hence chemicals used in detergents will damage the root structure of silk fiber hence its always advisable to dry clean the silk products.
  2. It’s better to not use soap for cleaning the Shari in first three consecutive washes. Use of plain water is always recommended.
  3. In the beginning Shari’s, wash the border, pallu and body separately.
  4. Never put force by beating the garment.
  5. Clean it quickly and efficiently do not accumulate or keep wet for a long time.
  6. Separate the Shari and other garments while washing.
  7. Use of medium iron is only advised.
  8. It’s always recommended to use sweat pad for the blouse.
  9. Do not get wet during rain.
  10. Don’t bleach the silk sari’s
  11. Do not expose silk to direct sunlight for long time.
  12. Never spray silk with water while ironing.
  13. It’s always advised to iron the back side only.
  14. Don’t apply iron on the embroidery or the hand woven works done on the sari.
  15. If stain comes don’t rub the confined areas too hard as that can make the color fade or damage the design o0f the sari simultaneously.