How we make Saree ?

We designed our every saree with understanding the sentiments and desires of every women

We designed our every saree with understanding the sentiments and desires of every women in multiple sectors and with the Indian national dress and have made their mark and indispensable presence all over the globe. Sarees have been in vogue since always. It's said that a woman cannot look any better than she looks in a saree. Now-a-days, the saree trends have revamped. In addition with contemporary style every women wants to look catch the eye of onlooker while standing on crowd. Moreover when matter is of special eve’s then sustainable and ethical fashions glimpse an exclusive importance. So, with our amazing and distinctive ideas we came up with excellent cultural collection of sari’s to make yourself appear in the distinction of ultimate fashion. Designers have jumped in the arena of fashion and have made beautiful design, prints and patterns out of the Sarees which make them irresistible completely. Designer Sarees not only have lovers in India but have admirers across the globe.

Sewing a sari involves a list of process, at its most basic a saree is made from a piece of material that's about 45 inches wide and 6 to 9 yards long. A border typically running the width of the material, and, when folded, helps create the pleats when dressed finely makes a women look dazzling in an accomplished way.

In the first instance the materials are selected ranging from sheer silk to heavy weight cotton. Silk (further categorized in to chiffon, crepe and georgette) is a light, flexible and revealing. In the other case cotton tends to be warmer holding its shape perfectly. Before selecting the fabric it’s decided about the fold that requires 6 yards of material or one that needs 9 yards.

  1. Accurate measurements are then taken for the fabric before preparing the sari.
  2. Depending up on the chosen length of fabric, they were then cut between 6 to 9 yards
  3. Colors were being chosen by matching the fabrics accordingly.
  4. Then the pallu, border, body are design with several crafty works like hand woven, embroidery design, tribal art, traditional arts and lots more in creations.
  5. Then, the sari is completely ready to get draped making every women create a definition for dignity and integrity.