Face Crop

Try a Shari on yourself with face cropping

Trends of e-commerce have thrived the heights of immense success, for the rising limit and ever demanding fashions of the 21st century world. We have proposed a novelty in state of art for experiencing the virtual feel to get dressed up wonderfully for the first time in e-commerce. Since the women’s are such perfect and precise in opting for Shari’s , thereby with looking on to the dreams and desires of every women in the fascinating era we came up front with this segregated and amazing unique feature in the E-commerce portal. This exclusionary method serves the experience for the look and feel of the Shari that they are looking forward to buy. Viewing Shari on the show casing model has become a trend of custom for the online platform. But, we with skilled and improvised techniques created an option with the help of which a shopper can easily view themselves in the Shari which they wish to buy. Going further with sparkling the facts and methods of this, induced is the novelty method of loading customer facial image on the loaded model of the shopping site (silkshari.com); the model showcasing the Shari will be replaced with individual customer’s face image to provide an extensive and segregated feel of the Shari on the web. With this customers are entitled to get the virtual feel that they are on the Shari and can choose accordingly. The web solution provides options to customer in uploading different face image.

Moving a step further, about understanding the women psychology we are here with a skilled and experienced layout structure. For this we researched in several diversified geographical regions of India and collected the skin tone colors of women accordingly. And then we have updated with a segregated state of art in which women’s can see them with the Shari’s with actively matching their skin tones. We are embedding the skin tones of the vivid melanin (skin color) for the excellent match of the face and the body color. As, we efficiently understands the intricate way which every women follows to grab the attention of onlooker.