Dye to Order

Give your own color to Shari with Dye to Order Option

E-commerce business has crossed the border of limit to reach the customer for the best product supply and support. However, the vendor manufacturer has excellent designer for making Shari’s in this world. Although there are choices of patterns, colors, texture, design are prone to vary from one to another for every person on this earth. Keeping this in mind while encouraging and appreciating every design in this world, we have integrated a new web technology called ‘Change color and Design’ this option offers each customer to change the color of the Shari that is displayed via the carted model on the website. A set of best color palette is extracted from the existing product (from the manufacturer) and then customers are provided with the set of color palette from which they can make selection of the color and soon after the new color and design is opted on the exhibiting model. Further, the Shari will change with that color without disturbing any other objects designed on the same. This achieves the maximum benefit for the customer to try different colors and design prospectively for their shopping desire. Each of the customized products is sustained forever in their cart basket.

A ‘Color Change RGBA’ algorithm is designed to induce the color palette extraction pixel by pixel achieving the best color selection in a refined way. It includes replacement of the new color palette opted by the customer. As, colors add a sheer of elegance to the gleaming beauty. Thereby, understanding the importance of the variation in colors we came with a unique and exclusive feature. In addition, style also looks catchy and classy when colors flash the grace; this concept is additively understood by SILKSHARI. Thereby, with getting understanding the desire for every women to appear gleaming every day with splashy colors this option is incorporated with fine refinement.