How to Wear Saree

As shari looks phenomenal and beautiful adding a charisma to women’s appearance.

As shari looks phenomenal and beautiful adding a charisma to women’s appearance. Similarly, wearing Shari is also follows certain steps as follows:-

  1. Unfold the Shari completely to its full length. Then accordingly adjust the height up to your navel, drape the Shari around the waistline conveniently proceeding with folding together the top edge of the Shari into your petticoat.
  2. Use your right hand for taking the top end of the Shari and rotate it around your waist until you come to the front. It’s always better to get assured about maintaining the same height as you wrap it around the waistline. Now fold together the top edge of the Shari inside the petticoat.
  3. You are now completely ready for creasing the Shari in the front. Pleating should be done using your right hand while your left hand should tightly hold remaining length of the Shari.
  4. Your middle finger and index finger must be sliding in to and fro motion while your little finger and ring finger should stand still with the right thumb. Make 8 to 10 pleats as per your desire and need.
  5. After getting the pleating done uniformly, hold the pleats together and adjust the height as accordingly.
  6. Insert the pleats properly inside your petticoat and smoothen the pleats with hand as according to your wish. The pleats should fall straight and must be even.
  7. Remaining length to be taken and should be pass it on to your left, smoothly round your waistline and bring it perfectly under your right arm.
  8. Pull over the drape properly to tighten around the hips and waist.
  9. Now it’s time to take Shari over your left arm covering the portion between your knees and bust line. You can also fold the pallu edge if you want.

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